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The Balancing Act: Sustainability Across Multiple Disciplines

A collaborative project that presents research on several facets of what sustainability is and how it impacts our culture, economy, and our environment.


The Balancing Act


Role: Graphic Design, Concept Design, Animation

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite; Photoshop AfterEffects, PremierPro; Dragon Frame

A collaborative web-based multimedia presentation on the interconnected social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability.


Concept Design

Topics within this richly collaborative and diverse project include global warming, water and ecologic conservation, responsible use, regenerative design, and cultural and societal equity. My role was in development of the logo representing the three facets of sustainability – economy, ecology and society – and the imperative of maintaining balance.


Animated Opening Sequence

My contribution to the content in The Balancing Act includes the creation of an animated introduction to the topics held within the presentation. As an appropriate creative response to the subject, I established constraints to limit source materials to recyclables, found objects and re-use store purchases, while exploring and implementing a wide variety of animation techniques, including stop-motion and frame animation.