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Space Quest: Internet of Things Adventure. A Game-based Learning Pathway

A game-based learning pathway for talent development within the Internet of Things created for Cisco/Internet of Things Talent Consortium


Role: Visual Design, Concept Development, User Experience Design, Animation, Asset Creation

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, AfterEffects, PremierPro

As members of the highly selective corporate/academic collaborative program at NCSU Poole College of Management Consumer Innovation Collaborative, in partnership with Cisco and the Internet of Things Talent Consortium, our team was tasked to develop a game-based tool to identify and educate those seeking to explore and develop skills within the Internet of Things industry.

Space Quest: An Internet of Things Adventure

A gamified learning experience created for Cisco and the Internet of Things Talent Consortium

LaunchScreen copy.jpg

Concept Development

The theme of space exploration was selected based on insights gained through research via in-depth consumer interviews, literary review and creative development. Meeting the established criteria, the unifying theme provides a framework for storytelling that is future-focused, positive, embraces human diversity, and is mission and rank based.


Visual Development

Based on consumer preference, a colorful flat illustration style was developed. The space exploration theme allowed the creation of the avatars to best represent equitable gender and race diversity through the use of a uniform jumpsuit. Additional animated sequences were created as cutscenes between game-play, results screens and idle pose animations.

CodeCoordinatesGameScreen copy.jpg

Game Development

Four mini-game simulations were developed to correspond to four learning pathways – business management, analytics, programming and security. Storylines involve the search for a rogue deep space probe; game design reflects the skills needed for each distinct discipline. The clear function of each tab on the heads-up display styled game screen allows for cohesion and easily discoverable user interaction throughout all the mini-games.


Excerpt from client presentation.


Security mini-game

Business Analyst mini-game simulation