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Oysters: Carolina's Coastal Keystone

Collaborative Virtual Reality project focusing on the cultural, economic and environmental impact of oyster on the Carolina coast.


Oysters: A Virtual Reality Experience

Role: Animation, Content Development

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, PremierPro, Audition; Wonda VR


Collaborative Virtual Reality project focusing on Carolina's Coastal Keystone.

Oysters: A Virtual Reality Experience is the result of research on the impact of the oyster on North Carolina’s coastal ecology, our economy, and our culture through a virtual reality experience that allows the participant to immerse and interact in a 360-degree environment. This multi-disciplinary collaborative project explores the critical role of oysters in the balance of North Carolina’s coastal ecosystem, the impact that over harvesting has had on the decline of the species, and efforts to understand how to rebuild the population. Interviews with content expert Dr. David Eggleston in the Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at NC State, field trips to NC oyster estuaries (360 films) and the guidance of the NC archives helped inform our VR oyster experience.

Through exploration of emerging technologies, our team produced engaging 360 degree animations to provide viewers with a greater understanding of the oyster’s lifecycle, historical significance, and present role in our culture and our economy. A Ricoh Theta video camera captures 360 degree views of the habitat and local culture surrounding the oyster. Animation was created using Adobe After Effects with the SkyBox Mettle plug-in for 360-degree animation. Wonda VR 360-degree authoring software, provided the ability to create a multi-sequential interactive narrative.